There is something deeply memorable about the simple pleasures we experience over a good cup of coffee or tea and a delicious meal. These are the pleasures we’re passionate about bringing to life at Copa Vida. We’re committed to  not just exceptional products but a full experience of friendship, ideas and community. This is why we’re Copa Vida: cup of life. Come and enjoy with us.



Our process is all about growing and deepening relationships, from the coffee farmers to the roasters to our stewards and to you. And we take great pride and care in every step–sourcing extraordinary coffees from around the world, carefully roasting them to bring out each coffee’s unique characteristics and finally sharing our remarkable discoveries

Now we’re delighted to offer three distinguishable and distinct coffee flavor profiles through our exclusive “go,enjoy, experience” approach:


GO for the rich and adaptable characteristics you expect from a good cup of joe, and then take them up a notch for coffee that’s a perfect companion for anything – anytime,anywhere.


ENJOY lingering over lively, vibrant flavors that will surprise and delight you at every sip.Savor floral notes, hints of berries, tantalizing traces of chocolate, and more.


EXPERIENCE a world of unbelievable flavors that are completely off the map. What you’ll discover is anyone’s guess – but you can be sure it’ll forever change the way you think about coffee.