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Anita Sanchez, Peru – 3lb Bag


4 pack 12oz – $42 (MSRP $18per bag)
3lb Bulk Bag – $33.00
5lb Bulk Bag – $58.00

VARIETY: Caturra
REGION: El Diamante

Flavor Notes:  Chocolate /  Brown Spice /  Wine 

Anita and Daniel, proud owners of 3 hectares of lush coffee land in the El Diamante village of San Jose de Lourdes district, bring you a truly exceptional coffee. Nestled at an impressive altitude of over 1900 meters above sea level, their cultivation of both yellow and red caturra varieties, combined with the collaborative efforts of their coffee-growing family, results in a rich and distinctive flavor profile. Daniel’s son, Roger, takes the reins in overseeing the meticulous process from picking to drying. Cherries, carefully handpicked at optimal ripeness, undergo an overnight pre-fermentation, followed by a 24 to 36-hour fermentation period. This unique method imparts a delightful fruity essence that harmonizes perfectly with the sharp citric acidity derived from the high elevation. Indulge in the labor of love, a coffee that captures the essence of El Diamante’s terroir and the unwavering dedication of a family united by their passion for exceptional coffee that pays homage to tradition and expertise.

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