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Finca El Paraiso, Colombia – 5lb Bag


4 pack 12oz – $44 (MSRP $18 per bag)
3lb Bulk Bag – $35.00
5lb Bulk Bag – $58.00

VARIETY: Caturra
ORIGIN: Colombia
REGION: Narino
ELEVATION: 1900 meters
GROWER: Jose Ignacio Gomez Lopez

Flavor Notes: Creamy / Caramelized Sugar / Grapefruit

This Colombia comes from Jose Ignacio’s farm El Paraiso, near the town of Buescao in the Nariño department. Paraiso’s Caturra variety grows along oranges, lemons and avocados and at an altitude of 1900 meters, this high elevation ensures a nice slow maturation of the coffee fruit resulting in a cup with dense sweetness and malic acidity. During the harvest, Jose, his family and team of trained harvesters hand pick the ripe cherry and process the harvest in their own micro wet mill on the farm. We hope you savor the fruits of their labor, we most certainly are!

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