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Gigesa, Ethiopia – 3lb Bag


4 pack 12oz – $42 (MSRP $18 per bag)
3lb Bulk Bag – $35.00
5lb Bulk Bag – $58.00

ORIGIN: Ethiopia
VARIETY: 47110 74112
PROCESS:   Washed
ELEVATION: 1950 masl

The Gigesa washing station was built in 2014, this is Testi’s first washing in Guji. This washing station process both washed and Natural specialty coffee. The Gigesa washed and Natural is truly exceptional coffee with unique profile and character.

The Washed Aricha Adorsi coffee is depulped and fermented under sheded fermentation tank for 50 hours. After fermentation is complete coffee is thoroughly washed and place on African drying bed to dry for approximately 18 days. The Natural coffee is processed by first taking out the floaters; we place red cherries in water tanks, after removal of floaters the red cherries are placed on raised African bad for 20 days to dry.

Testi Project Direct is a community development initiative that focuses on transforming and assisting the farmers we all work with. Testi Trading PLC do financial support for the farmers for quality upgrade, composting, picking, and involves in social works for the community like school and water sources constructions. In addition, we pay premium to improve the quality of living style of each member farmer. We build a primary school in Denbi Uddo, Guji in 2014, we also supply this school with annual school supplies for all students.

Jasmine Pearl  /  Orange Blossom  /  White Peach


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