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Kokosa, Ethiopia – 12oz Bag


4 pack 12oz – $46 (MSRP $19 per bag)
3lb Bulk Bag – $38.00
5lb Bulk Bag – $63.00

PROCESS: Washed 10-12 Days
VARIETY: 74112
ORIGIN: Ethiopia
REGION: Oromia
PRODUCER: Testi Trading PLC

Flavor Notes: Acai / Earl Grey / Tangerine 

From the hilly and mountainous province of Oromia, we are excited to bring you this exceptional harvest from producer, Birhanu Teklu. At a staggering 2,400 meters in elevation, this coffee’s inherent complexity and dense sweetness is not only accentuated by the overall terroir, but the painstaking attention to detail and clear passion Birhanu and his personnel deliver through their hard work. It is no wonder this coffee secured a place in Cup Of Excellence last year. We managed to snag a few bags for your enjoyment!

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