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Natural Guji Gigesa – 3lb Bag


4 pack 12oz – $44 (MSRP $19 per bag)
5lb Bulk Bag – $63.00

PROFILE: Experience
ORIGIN: Ethiopia
ELEVATION: 1800-1950 meters

Faysel Abdosh was born and raised in Chelenko, West Harar into a coffee-producing family and enjoyed the rich traditions of Ethiopian coffee culture at a young age. Faysel began working with coffee in the late 1990s, but at the time he was potential for specialty coffee into the country increased and he saw an opportunity. Evan though he was still constrained by the ECX, he had a feeling that things would change and decided to establish an export company.

Testi Project Direct is a community development initiative that focuses on transforming and assisting the farmers we all work with. Testi Trading PLC do financial support for the farmers for quality upgrade, composting, picking, and involves in social works for the community like school and water sources constructions.

Flavor Notes: Black Plum  /  Honeydew Melon  /  Hibiscus



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